MFU Houston Collective

Thank you for all of your support tonight, Houston! Check back soon as MFU responds to 9/18 Houston City Council Committee Meeting, and remember to show your support on Tuesday as we head again to City Council (FB invite).

We are a collective of micro-entrepreneurs looking to further increase our city’s unique and affordable food options and business successes. Comprised of devoted mobile food vendors, this collective group seeks to motivate positive change through education, dedication and collaboration.

Houston’s Mobile Food Movement has begun…

United we Roll!

Current Project:   City Council or Bust!

Mobile Food Fans, start your engines! We are gearing up to present Houston’s Members of City Council with Mobile Food Ordinance changes, intended to improve current industry conditions, and update regulations to accommodate the new growth within the Mobile Food industry. We need your support to help show our civic leaders that Houston supports the following changes:

Eliminate 60-foot distance between trucks.
Requires change to Fire Code, Section 10.11.12 and amendment to City Ordinance No. 2006-826

One Liquid Propane (LP) permit to cover multiple locations.
Requires change to Fire Code, Section 10.10.2

Ability to park next to existing seating.
Requires change to Mobile Food Health Code

Allow units to provide their own seating, limited to 3 tables & 6 chairs.
Requires change to Mobile Food Health Code

Lift the current LP restrictions in the District of Limitations 1:
Allow up to 40lb. LP tank + private property access.
Requires changes to LSB standard 10, section 10.3.1