"Think different", Peter Brown & E.B. Brooks, BetterHouston

As originally seen at chron.com

"In the future, if we want to be an economically vibrant city with walkable, urban street life, the City Council must adopt a modern food truck ordinance.

We should look to cities such as Denver, and even Dallas, which are good models with the necessary safeguards in place.

We recognize the concerns of the Greater Houston Restaurant Association, but according to recent studies, food trucks in an urban district (such as downtown or midtown Houston) encourage more eating out and increase local restaurant patronage.

New regulations should permit food truck parks in dead areas of the city, such as under-utilized parking lots, to add life to these areas, as a successful program in Denver demonstrates.

All of this stimulates economic activity and enhances tax revenues for the city. The message from City Council to the food trucks should be: 'Keep on food truckin'.'

Peter Brown and E.B. Brooks, BetterHouston"