Cece Moss, Owner, Up Beat Eats

“Working Hard or Hardly Working?”

Any entrepreneur who has been a part of a start-up business has either asked or been asked, “Why am I doing this?” I’m sure this question has come to mind more than once, and in all honesty for most entrepreneurs the answer is easy. As I understand it, the answer is usually one of two: a career change or for money. Although I can’t speak for all mobile food entrepreneurs, I believe most would agree that in our industry the answer is a bit more complex. For myself, the reasons and events leading up to me desiring to join the ranks of other individuals seeking to follow their dreams of “something more” is far too long to list.

Before answering the question why, I’d rather pose another. It’s one that I didn’t understand as a teenager but was often asked due to my dedication to schoolwork and sports. I can say to finally be able to answer this question is to be able to put words to the thoughts and actions behind the question why. What’s this question you may ask? In any situation you’re in ask yourself, “Are you working hard or hardly working?” To answer this will give you definitive clarity to know where you stand within your situation. My answer to this question is not only the why or how, but the reason, and my answer is simply this, “YES.”

Self: “Are you working hard?”

- Yes! Not only have I put my all into finding a creative release for my love and passion of food and new experiences, but I have put more physically demanding work into every bite than I thought I would. On the upside, the work that has been done is not so much as hard as it is complex. When I forget how I feel about the things I’m accomplishing and start to get frustrated or disheartened I ask myself the other half of that question.

Self: “Are you working hard?”

- Yes! This is exclaimed in sprit of course because the love and passion that goes into transforming raw foods into enjoyable and pleasurable bites to eat takes me to my happy place. I’ve always been told, “When you love what you do, you will never feel like you’re working.” Let’s just be honest, work is work, but when you are working with a defiance of purpose the work becomes peacefully and blissfully better. When you can work toward your goals and dreams on your own terms using your abilities, it stops feeling like a job or work and starts to feel more like your natural body rhythm. Your hearts song so to speak. It wasn’t until my situation was forcefully changed that I was able to realize and own my hearts song, and I’ve been happily signing it ever since.