Ruth Lipsky, Owner, Stick It

With the rising popularity of mobile food units here in Houston I am more often hearing the question “What made you want to open a Food Truck?”

I have always worked in the industry and I wanted my entrepreneurial venture to be based on bringing approachable food, made from scratch, with a smile, at an affordable cost. Going the extra mile for my community is made easy through operating my food truck.

Like when a couple celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary with friends at the local coffee shop, or a bridal shower for your cousin, donating to charity events, block parties, and collaborating with local businesses. Food trucks have created endless possibilities for everyone. My food truck adventure is just beginning after almost a year in operations. This is only one step of many towards one common goal, hospitality.

Owning a food truck is no glamorous lifestyle. It is hot, cold, enduring and at times crushing. I still strive to bring the best to my customers. In a fast paced, mobile, technological age we need to maintain a sense of human connection. Creating memories, sharing ideas and enjoying a hospitable community together is how a food trucker does it.