Images provided by employees, fans, foodies, operators, owners & supporters of Houston's mobile food community.

Since 2010, we have led an effort to create a unified voice for mobile food units and their advocates across the city of Houston, TX. Our campaign has traveled near and far amidst the largest city in the southern United States, achieveing many significant victories along the way for our city's diverse mobile food community.


Our Mission

The mobile food industry has swept the nation over the last decade, setting exciting culinary trends and capturing the attention of hungry food fans along the way. In recent years, the number of mobile food vendors across the nation has grown exponentially, with approximately 3 million food trucks and more than 5 million food carts operating as of 2011.

A Mobile Food Unit (MFU) is defined by the Houston Food Ordinance as “a food service establishment that is vehicle-mounted or wheeled and is capable of being readily moveable.” As a mobile food service establishment, MFUs are regulated by city ordinances and enforced by city agencies, such as Houston's Health and Human Services department & the Houston Fire Department.

Mobile Food Unit Houston [MFUH] began meeting in 2010 and officially organized in 2012 to help improve industry conditions for Houston’s mobile food businesses. We believe that in order to compete in this unique sector of the food service industry, Houston’s current Mobile Food Ordinance must be updated to allow for continued business existence & controlled growth. We are asking Houston's City Council members to review a set of reasonable, stakeholder-driven proposals to change the city's Mobile Food Ordinance in order to foster growth and entrepreneurship in our city.

A vibrant street-food scene is part of being a world-class food destination.
— Paul Galvani, Houston's Top 100 Food Trucks

What We've Achieved