3 Best Surround Sound Headphones for Gaming

The idea of sharing you the best surround sound headphones for gaming as the games now come into existence. The surround sound gaming headphones have become important items to purchase among the users for more gaming satisfaction.

Surround sound gaming headphones are produced to deliver the real surround sound experience so that you will be able to feel real in the game. Nowadays, virtual surround sound headphones increase the number of usage along with the dedicated software to emulate the surround sound experience in the competitive multiplayer games.

Here are some best surround sound headphones for gaming you can check out of you have no idea on how to find the suitable headphones.

Best Surround Sound Headphones for Gaming

  • SteelSeries Siberia 800 Wireless Gaming Headphones

The first headphone you can check out for gaming is the SteelSeries Siberia 800. Along with the affordable price, you will be able to have more professional adult gamer headphones. The feature of the stylish transmitter along with an OLED display will enable you to connect to any device because of the direct connection supported by the transmitter.
The transmitter owned by this headphone has already a compartment for your battery charging. This way, you don’t have to worry if you run out of the battery, you can get to charge the battery easily. As one of the best surround sound headphones for gaming, this headphone suit the multiplayer gamers requiring surround sound experience across PC and consoles. It is also designed completely with the Bluetooth functionality and built-in retractable mic.

  • Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrum Wireless Headphone

The second surround sound headphone you may have to know is the Logitech G933 Artemis spectrum wireless headphone which presents a higher-end competition. Coming at an affordable price, this type is more suitable for younger gamers due to the lightness and memory foam. The battery will stand up to 12 hours a day. The features of Logitech G933 includes the retractable boom microphone punchy bass and the compatibility to PC.

  • Sennheiser PC 373D USB

Sennheiser PC 373D USB is the third surround sound gaming headphone you can consider. It comes from the most popular brands in the audio industry. If you run on studio monitoring purpose, this headphone is the right option to take out soon. Although the price might be the most expensive, the technology built along with the item is considered the best. Sennheiser allows you to hear even the finest details in the game so that it seems that you like hearing the real sound.

One of the reasons why you must take Sennheiser into the list of the best surround sound headphones for gaming is the plush velvet ear cups which make you more comfortable without having your ears sweating. The sound quality also proves to be crystal clear and outshines. Thus, you can consider this one if you are searching for one type.


Out of the three best surround sound headphones for gaming we have just shared above, make sure you take one to let you have the real surround sound experience as you were expecting.

5 Reasons Why FileHorse Makes Sense

Do you want to download free software for your Windows PC in a fast and simple way? Head your fingers to type Filehorse. Yup! It is a fast and simple way site to download tons of software at free from the oldest up to the latest versions of hand-picked programs. The software, programs or applications that you want to download are sorted into categories so that you can easily choose one that suits you most.

FileHorse provides the easiest way of downloading the software as well as the free ones. This is only one of the reasons why people think that this site really makes sense. Other reasons will definitely ensure you along with the review of FileHorse that we are going to share.

Why FileHorse Makes Sense

Now let’s have a look why you should consider to find software on this site:

Trusted and Popular

The first reason why you have to find software on FileHorse is the fact that it has been trusted. It is widely visited by almost users around the world. If you are one of the software users, you won’t feel strange to hear the term. This shows that FileHorse is trusted, thus, it is popular and widely used.

The popularity of this software downloading source keeps going up since it is providing all kinds of versions. Which versions of software you want to download, well, you can find it here.


Free of charge is commonly an important reason for people why they look for something at a site. As you can download any software any version a hundred percent free right here, you can’t ignore to visit the site and download the software. Just like other users do.

Easy to Find

The next reason is the fact that you will be extremely easy to find the desired software you want to download. It is because the software is sorted into categories so that you can choose one over some offered. In this case, the categories are:

– Browsers and Plugins
– Messaging and chat
– File sharing
– File transfer and networking
– Office and business tool
– Developer tools
– Anti-spyware
– Anti-virus
– Firewalls and security
– Cleaning and tweaking
– Compression and back up
– Benchmarking
– MP3 and Audio
– Video software
– CD, DVD, and Blu-ray
– Desktop enhancement
– Imaging and digital photo
– Drivers and mobile phone

Now if you want to download Whatsapp application, you must go into the second category that is Messaging and Chat. You will easily find what kinds of applications dealing with messaging and chat.

Provide the Software Information

The next reason why you must head to FileHorse if you want to download software is that FileHorse provides information about the software. Therefore, you can read the software’s review before downloading.


Overall, FileHorse seems to be the best place to find what software you want to download at free. Don’t hesitate to visit this site since it presents the easiest and simplest way of downloading software.

[Guide] Unlock/Access iPhone With Unresponsive Screen

An unresponsive screen is practically a common issue that may happen to any iPhone users. That’s why when you type on your search bar, how to unlock iPhone with unresponsive screen, many results will come out.

Unlock/Access iPhone With Unresponsive Screen

For that, here below are some ways you can try for yourself at home to unlock your iPhone screen:

  1. Wipe the Screen off

The first one on the list on how to unlock iPhone with unresponsive screen is easy. It’s to wipe off your screen (and also your hand) from any particles. Because maybe there a layer of oil, or any other particles that interfere with the touch detection ability of your iPhone screen. If you had a guard or screen protector, then you have to peel it off and clean the between of it as well. To do this, you better to use cotton cloth.

  1. Ask Help from Siri

You can do this second way if only you enable the Siri App in your iPhone, which only for iPhone 4s and higher. Just press and hold the home button for Siri to wake up then tell it to launch an App. It’s an easy trick that often works. And for a precaution, if this happens in the future and you haven’t enabled your Siri yet, then do it now. You only need to go to Setting then click on General and choose Siri to turn it on.

  1. Call the Number on Your iPhone

If those two ways on how to unlock iPhone with unresponsive screen above couldn’t do the job, then you can try this one. You have to ask someone to call your number, which will make your iPhone screen turns responsive because of the call. But if after the call it still unresponsive, you should bring it to try the other next methods.

  1. Restart by Using Hard Reboot

The method usually used if the unresponsive screen was because of minor software issues. Although this mostly avoided, many proved this method is effective. For iPhone 6s and older, to restart or reboot you need to hold for the Home Button (Power Button) and Sleep/Wake Button, wait till Apple logo appears. And if you have iPhone 7 or newer, then press down the Volume Down Button instead of the Home Button while pressing the Sleep/Wake Button along until the Apple logo come out. Once it restarted, the screen should respond to your touch as usual.

  1. Using Some Particular Program to Remove the Lock

Or there’s another way on how to unlock iPhone with unresponsive screen that also often used. To do that you need to have installed any removing lock program on the computer. Just connect your iPhone to the computer by USB interface and run the program. You only need to open the unlocking menu and follow the steps as guided.

That’s a list on how to unlock iPhone with unresponsive screen you can try yourself. If you still couldn’t unlock your iPhone with any of the method mentioned above, then the last resort is to bring it to the repair technician. For your device safety, it recommended to bring it to the nearest Apple Store in your area.

3 Ways On How To Cancel Tinder Subscription

A few years back, Tinder got at the top of the list of the most popular dating app in the world. Millions of people subscribed to this online dating service to get a match and many of them started a relationship. The problem is that the subscription method in Tinder for some ‘plus’ features do cost a lot. Some may think it’s not worth the high cost, and some may have started a serious relationship. The bottom line is both of these types looking for how to cancel Tinder subscription.

$9.99 per month for a dating app is surely rather expensive. Moreover, if you don’t enjoy much the premium features and it’s a waste to throw your money away. Or the other case, that you find your significant other and don’t need Tinder assistance anymore. That way, there are three ways to cancel your subscription on Tinder.

How To Cancel Tinder Subscription

  • Cancel via Android or Google Play Store

The first method on how to cancel Tinder subscription is if you subscribed from Android and used your Google Play account. Just open up your Play Store app on your phone and open the Account on from the menu. After clicking it, you will see the Subscriptions on the list and tap it. Then, there will be two different option, Update and Cancel, select Cancel. And lastly, you need to confirm your cancelation by choosing Yes on the pop-up message.

Aside from the Account menu, you may also search the Tinder app right away on the search bar of the Play Store. Once the app appeared, open the page and tap on Manage Subscription and then click on Cancel. You can also log in your Google Play Store Account through the PC by visiting the address play.google.com/store/account and follow the earlier steps.

  • Unsubscribe from iTunes or App Store

The second way on how to cancel Tinder subscription is by using iTunes or App Store. If you would like to cancel from your iPhone or iPad, you only need to open your App Store. From there, click on your Apple ID then choose for View Apple ID, you have to sign in with your password here. Scroll through until you find your Subscriptions then select Manage. And at the Tinder, click on Unsubscribe and there should be the end date of your subscription displayed.

And just like the in Google Account, you also can unsubscribe Tinder from your PC as well. To do that you have to log in your iTunes then click on the Account menu at the menu bar. Then follow the rest just like on the prior description.

  • Get through Tinder for Web

And the last is how to cancel Tinder subscription from the web. To do that, you have to open your browser and log in to Tinder.com. Then you will see the profile icon at the corner of the left of the screen, click that. From there, select for Manage Payment Account and click for Cancel Subscription.

Those are three ways on how to cancel Tinder subscription. Just for information, some people complained about the issue while doing the last method. Thus, if it happened to you, you can try again later. But if it persists, the last resort is to mail Tinder administrator at [email protected] Here you have to write down your problems in details (with screenshots), and they promised to investigate.