Tips for Growing Lemongrass Easily at Home

Growing Lemongrass Easily at Home

If you want another taste in your dish, try to add lemongrass inside. It is a tropical herb that gives you a strong flavor. Taste like citrus, lemongrass is commonly used in tea, sauce, and soups. More than that, lemongrass is used by some people as herbal medicine. They believe that lemongrass could boost immunity and make the body more relaxed. Know so many benefits from this stalk plant, we would share tips for growing lemongrass at your home.

Actually, you don’t need special skills for planting lemongrass. Even lemongrass is a tropical plant, it doesn’t mean you have to move to Asia land to get its benefits. Just follow steps on how to harvest lemongrass below, then you will get yours. Yet if you want a faster way, just go to Asian grocery stores and pick them into the cart. Lemongrass is sold there in dried and fresh. But see our tips for growing lemongrass here and you can make them fresh by your hand.

Easy Way to Grow Lemongrass at Home

Do you have a small garden behind your house? Or there is no space but you already bought some containers? Don’t worry, you can use what you have had. Indeed, while you are planting lemongrass outside, it would be grassy and clump up to 3 to 5 feet. But it is impossible inside your home or on the pot, right? So, check tips for growing lemongrass here and make it yours now:

  1. Choose the Right Stalk

If you find lemongrass in the grocery store, just buy it. Before you walk to the cashier, make sure that each stalk has a green center. Also, the bulb has to be intact on the bottom. Once you have a good stalk, it means you start with a good move.

  1. Put in the Right Container

Clean the bulb, lucky you if you still have the roots there. Rinse with water, get rid of the soil. But usually when you but the lemongrass from a grocery store, it is already clean and placed inside the zip lock plastic.

Take a container with the proper size. Match with your space or the look inside your home. Fill in the container with a few glasses of water. Place the lemongrass with the bulb down inside. Change the water frequently and wait until the new roots grow.

  1. Start with the Seeds

You might want to try one of these tips for growing lemongrass. Starting to grow lemongrass from seeds is a good thing. However, this method requires a little bit more attention to the soil temperature. Moreover when you are in cold weather. Keep the soil temperature 70 degrees. This number is tricky because it must be moist but not wet. Generally, it must be warm and humid.

  1. Put the Cuttings on the Soil

Another way to plant the lemongrass is by using soil in the container. Besides the water, soil is also useful for lemongrass. Cut the top part of the stalk. Don’t remove the bulb and the roots. Those parts would be rooting base in the container. Place in on the soil, you might press a little deeper to get the bulb covered. Wait for about a month to get it developed and re-root.

  1. Water Frequently but not Soggy

As we mentioned previously, you must keep the soil moist. Our trick is watering the soil frequently but not be soggy. Since lemongrass is grassy, it is rich with nitrogen feeders. Make sure that the top is composed every week. You might touch the soil to feel its moist.

Those are tips for growing lemongrass easily at home. You can do it in your leisure time. Perhaps you will love harvesting lemongrass until it becomes your new hobby.