How To Report Someone On Discord Easily

How To Report Someone On Discord

Discord is such an amazing application that is usually used while playing a game. It has a lot of features that can ease us to communicate with others. For example, we can talk with our group while playing a game, chatting, or also sending some files.  Sometimes, some people break the terms of Discord and it disturbs us. It makes us wonder how to report someone on Discord.

However, Discord is available for free neither on PC or smartphone. There, available a lot of channels that will give you knowledge or useless things. You can get friends with the same hobbies or the same interests. But, it is uncommon too, you will find some toxic people with bad behavior. Usually, the admin will kick him out from the channel. But, if the admin is too late, you can report him and it should be the last option.

How To Report Someone On Discord

1. Check Their Message

You only can report someone when they are truly breaking the Discord Community Guidelines. Well, you can’t report them just because they may break your heart. You can report them while they doing the harassment, violating IP rights, sharing kids’ pornography, or spam messages. If they don’t do any activity like these all, then you better mute or block them. Because if you try to report them, you’ll never get any good response from Discord

2. Turn on Developer Mode

The second step on how to report someone on discord is turned on the Developer Mode. On the desktop app, you can easily find the icon report but you will need the user ID. To get a User ID, you should turn your application into developer mode first.

Developer Mode on Discord

Choose the settings icon in the bottom-left corner of the screen, select appearance and choose advanced. After that, there will be 4 options and you need to turn on developer mode.

3. Get Three Different ID

Copy ID Discord

While you want to report someone, you should get three different IDs. In the first one, you can go to users you want to report, right-click and select Copy ID. After that, go to the message you want to report, right-click and choose Copy ID and paste it. The last one is to go to the server icon, do right-click again and select Copy ID. Make sure you paste it one by one wherever you want. Give it a name so you can see it when you forgot the kind of ID it is.

4. Send Your Report

The last step you should do to report someone else is sending your report. You should visit the link Trust & Safety request center on Discord. After that, fill the blank with true information based on the question. You should choose the report option that may closely happen to you before. Last, describe your situation on the “description box and then send it. You should be patient for the rest because Discord will take over it.

These are my answers to the question of how to report someone on Discord. It may be a little bit hard but just take it easy because you need your right to fight. I hope this article can help you to take down the bad user on Discord. So, there will be a good environment and nobody harmed.