Bluestacks Offline Installer, Advantages And Requirement

Bluestacks Offline Installer

Bluestacks is a program that lets you run Android games on your computer with ease. People can play games they usually play on their mobile phone to the computer. This way users can enjoy playing with a larger screen, mouse, and keyboard rather than just a small screen. To have this app, people must download it first then install it on their computer. Is Bluestacks safe to use and download on your computer or is it a virus? Well, it is safe, just make sure to download it on their official website. To download and install the program, users will need a connection to the internet. However, now there is the Bluestacks offline installer that can install without the use of the internet.

Downloading the Bluestacks offline installer can be helpful compared to the online version. You won’t need the internet to install it and the process won’t get disturbed with any connection. It is efficient and a great solution for those who have slow internet. You can also bring the downloaded offline installer and install it directly to another PC. So, how does this installer work and what are the requirements needed?

1. Download Bluestacks

Whether you want an online or offline installer; you still need the internet to download the app. However, before downloading you can choose to download the online or offline installer. Online is quick and easy to use but again it will need an internet connection. As for the offline installer, you can install it without any internet connection.

2. For Windows XP or Higher

Windows XP

If you want to use the offline installer, then make sure that your computer is using Windows XP or a higher type. Because the installer can only be used on those systems and iOS systems. Some people have tried installing it in a lower Windows and the app didn’t work well. The app reacted slow and was hard to use for games.

3. Hard disk space 2GB

The installer will need space around 2GB, so make sure you have that much space too. If possible, give more space on the hard disk so that when you run it doesn’t slow down. The app can run in low space, however, to maximize the use give a spare of 1GB on the computer.

4. RAM 1GB

Bluestacks offline installer can work well on a computer with minimum RAM 1GB. This shouldn’t be a big problem as many computers already use this RAM. However, the higher the RAM is the better it would be to run the program on your PC.

5. Need Internet to Sign Up

The offline installer is only to install the program on your computer. After the process is done you will still need the internet to log in to your Google account. Then you can start using your app on your computer just like you use it on your mobile phone.

The Bluestacks offline installer is a great solution for those who have problems with their internet connection. Or for those who want to easily install the apps on every PC they use. Because they can install the program easily even though they have no connection. Just make sure that your computer has the requirements needed to use the offline installer.