5 Best Smart TVs in 2020 You Should Consider

With the development of technology, many electronic products are now becoming a smart product. From smartphones, smartwatches to a smart TV. One of the biggest developments of these three products is Smart TV. The main difference between a Smart TV and a normal TV is that it can connect to Wi-Fi. Once you are connected, you can enjoy many kinds of applications and movies on TV. So, it is like using your phone but on your TV. You can also even connect your phone to your TV and see it on a larger screen. So, if you want to buy one, make sure to consider the best Smart TV 2020.

When it comes to choosing the best Smart TV, there are many kinds of brands offered. Even though the brands are different, the features offered are usually the same. The standard or main features that are usually available are YouTube, NetFlix, Internet, Amazon and many more. The difference in price offered is usually caused by the brand and size of the TV. So, now that you know what you will get, here are the best smart TV 2020 that to consider buying:

1. Samsung Q90R QLED TV

Samsung Q90R QLED TV

This smart TV comes in a 75-inch screen that can satisfy people who watch it. It delivers a beautiful and sharp picture quality with high HDR performance. With the big screen, people can get wider viewing angles from any side of the TV. Therefore, the screen is best to watch the action or romantic movies as it will satisfy your eyes. The only con for this version is there is no Dolby vision coming in it.

2. LG C9 OLED Series

LG C9 OLED Series

The LG C9 has stepped ahead and made progress compared to its old version the C8. In this version, the TV comes with great 4K quality, delivering superb picture quality. However, their picture may seem a bit compared to other brands, but it is still tolerable. This LG version also comes with a Dolby Vision and a highly smart platform compared to other brands. The disappointing point is there is no HDR10+ support available in the LG C9.

3. Vizio P-Series Quantum X

Vizio P-Series Quantum X

One of the best smart TV 2020 options that are targeted for many people is the Vizio P-Series Quantum X. The TV is packed with excellent image quality and speakers that are worth getting. So, for those who love to watch movies online or offline, this is a great option. The price of it is also affordable for your pockets, so it is recommended to buy it.

4. Sony A9G Master Series

Sony A9G Master Series

The next smart TV that is on the list is the Sony A9G Master series which offers excellent 4K HDR images. Compared to other smart TVs, this is one of the best TVs with the best quality of the image. It also comes with many features without having to download the apps. You can also connect your phones to your PC and enjoy them on your TV screen.

5. TCL 6-Series QLED

TCL 6-Series QLED

This is the cheapest smart TV that is recommended to buy. This a Chinese brand that comes with complete features but at an affordable price. It has bright and colorful HDR images, so it is great for watching movies. However, the details for dark colors are a bit lost and have limited motion settings. Other than that, this TV brand is recommended to buy, if you are looking for something affordable.

So, when choosing the best smart TV 2020, make sure to check the apps and features first. The more apps there is the better because you can enjoy them later. Then choose the kind of features that you need and prefer to use. Because these things will affect the cost of the TV. Now for those who need more information about Smart TV, come and visit Best Product Review Site – Sylvia Juncosa.