5 Best Apps for Editing YouTube Videos

Being a YouTuber is not just a hobby. Nowadays, people can gain profit from YouTube, even more than conventional jobs. One of the main keys to boosting views on YouTube is the visual quality of your videos. So here are the best apps for editing YouTube videos:

1. iMovie


For iOS users, this app might already be familiar to you. iMovie users can make great videos just with a small amount of effort. There is a complete offer of tools to take your video to the next level. This app is easy to use and user-friendly. User doesn’t need amazing skills to edit video here. They can trim their video to the size they want and add in their favorite music, effects, and animated titles.

iMovie is free, but the app is not accessible for Android users. Users can also use it on different devices such as the iPad, MacBook, and desktop.

2. KineMaster


KineMaster says their app is a user-friendly app, but with creating the professional touch finishing. This app provided the user with pre-rendering instant previews and frame-by-frame granular editing. Not to mention, it also supports 4 audio tracks and unlimited audio clips.

For the editing gigs, KaneMaster provides up to two video layers. You can animation edit your video with provided effects or chroma key compositing, keyframe animation, and precise color adjustment.

Not only that, but KineMaster is also free and accessible for Android and iOS users. But, the video result has a watermark on it that users can erase to upgrade their account to premium.

3. VivaVideo


This app offers user fun-packed video editing apps. VivaVideo provides hundreds of special effects, stickers, filters, animated clips, and subtitles for their users. All of those amazing things that people can get for free!

It’s free and downloadable in Android and iOS. But, the app also comes with ads that user can remove with purchasing the premium accounts on the app

4. PowerDirector


Powerdirector is one of the most well known best apps for editing YouTube videos. It’s easy to use and has thousands of amazing features. Although you have no skill at video editing at all, this app will be a savior for you.

Powerdirector is free to download. But like any other app, it has in-app purchase. The app is accessible just for Windows and Android phone and tablet users.

5. Luma Fusion

Luma Fusion

Luma Fusion is great for those who want more professional touch on their videos. It has numerous video effects, color correction editor (up to five-point), layer effects, and even a live audio track mixer.

Although the price might seem a little bit more expensive than others, Luma Fusion is still worth considering. The app is only accessible for iOS users (iPad and iPhone). It also has great customer service that can assist the user to solve their problem with the app.

Those are the list of the best apps for editing YouTube videos. Hope those lists bring benefit for those who want to boost their video views on YouTube. And for those who want to download free software for their desktop, suggested visiting Free Drivers and Software.