5 Best Smart TVs in 2020 You Should Consider

With the development of technology, many electronic products are now becoming a smart product. From smartphones, smartwatches to a smart TV. One of the biggest developments of these three products is Smart TV. The main difference between a Smart TV and a normal TV is that it can connect to Wi-Fi. Once you are connected, you can enjoy many kinds of applications and movies on TV. So, it is like using your phone but on your TV. You can also even connect your phone to your TV and see it on a larger screen. So, if you want to buy one, make sure to consider the best Smart TV 2020.

When it comes to choosing the best Smart TV, there are many kinds of brands offered. Even though the brands are different, the features offered are usually the same. The standard or main features that are usually available are YouTube, NetFlix, Internet, Amazon and many more. The difference in price offered is usually caused by the brand and size of the TV. So, now that you know what you will get, here are the best smart TV 2020 that to consider buying:

1. Samsung Q90R QLED TV

Samsung Q90R QLED TV

This smart TV comes in a 75-inch screen that can satisfy people who watch it. It delivers a beautiful and sharp picture quality with high HDR performance. With the big screen, people can get wider viewing angles from any side of the TV. Therefore, the screen is best to watch the action or romantic movies as it will satisfy your eyes. The only con for this version is there is no Dolby vision coming in it.

2. LG C9 OLED Series

LG C9 OLED Series

The LG C9 has stepped ahead and made progress compared to its old version the C8. In this version, the TV comes with great 4K quality, delivering superb picture quality. However, their picture may seem a bit compared to other brands, but it is still tolerable. This LG version also comes with a Dolby Vision and a highly smart platform compared to other brands. The disappointing point is there is no HDR10+ support available in the LG C9.

3. Vizio P-Series Quantum X

Vizio P-Series Quantum X

One of the best smart TV 2020 options that are targeted for many people is the Vizio P-Series Quantum X. The TV is packed with excellent image quality and speakers that are worth getting. So, for those who love to watch movies online or offline, this is a great option. The price of it is also affordable for your pockets, so it is recommended to buy it.

4. Sony A9G Master Series

Sony A9G Master Series

The next smart TV that is on the list is the Sony A9G Master series which offers excellent 4K HDR images. Compared to other smart TVs, this is one of the best TVs with the best quality of the image. It also comes with many features without having to download the apps. You can also connect your phones to your PC and enjoy them on your TV screen.

5. TCL 6-Series QLED

TCL 6-Series QLED

This is the cheapest smart TV that is recommended to buy. This a Chinese brand that comes with complete features but at an affordable price. It has bright and colorful HDR images, so it is great for watching movies. However, the details for dark colors are a bit lost and have limited motion settings. Other than that, this TV brand is recommended to buy, if you are looking for something affordable.

So, when choosing the best smart TV 2020, make sure to check the apps and features first. The more apps there is the better because you can enjoy them later. Then choose the kind of features that you need and prefer to use. Because these things will affect the cost of the TV. Now for those who need more information about Smart TV, come and visit Best Product Review Site – Sylvia Juncosa.

Bluestacks Offline Installer, Advantages And Requirement

Bluestacks Offline Installer

Bluestacks is a program that lets you run Android games on your computer with ease. People can play games they usually play on their mobile phone to the computer. This way users can enjoy playing with a larger screen, mouse, and keyboard rather than just a small screen. To have this app, people must download it first then install it on their computer. Is Bluestacks safe to use and download on your computer or is it a virus? Well, it is safe, just make sure to download it on their official website. To download and install the program, users will need a connection to the internet. However, now there is the Bluestacks offline installer that can install without the use of the internet.

Downloading the Bluestacks offline installer can be helpful compared to the online version. You won’t need the internet to install it and the process won’t get disturbed with any connection. It is efficient and a great solution for those who have slow internet. You can also bring the downloaded offline installer and install it directly to another PC. So, how does this installer work and what are the requirements needed?

1. Download Bluestacks

Whether you want an online or offline installer; you still need the internet to download the app. However, before downloading you can choose to download the online or offline installer. Online is quick and easy to use but again it will need an internet connection. As for the offline installer, you can install it without any internet connection.

2. For Windows XP or Higher

Windows XP

If you want to use the offline installer, then make sure that your computer is using Windows XP or a higher type. Because the installer can only be used on those systems and iOS systems. Some people have tried installing it in a lower Windows and the app didn’t work well. The app reacted slow and was hard to use for games.

3. Hard disk space 2GB

The installer will need space around 2GB, so make sure you have that much space too. If possible, give more space on the hard disk so that when you run it doesn’t slow down. The app can run in low space, however, to maximize the use give a spare of 1GB on the computer.

4. RAM 1GB

Bluestacks offline installer can work well on a computer with minimum RAM 1GB. This shouldn’t be a big problem as many computers already use this RAM. However, the higher the RAM is the better it would be to run the program on your PC.

5. Need Internet to Sign Up

The offline installer is only to install the program on your computer. After the process is done you will still need the internet to log in to your Google account. Then you can start using your app on your computer just like you use it on your mobile phone.

The Bluestacks offline installer is a great solution for those who have problems with their internet connection. Or for those who want to easily install the apps on every PC they use. Because they can install the program easily even though they have no connection. Just make sure that your computer has the requirements needed to use the offline installer.

How To Report Someone On Discord Easily

How To Report Someone On Discord

Discord is such an amazing application that is usually used while playing a game. It has a lot of features that can ease us to communicate with others. For example, we can talk with our group while playing a game, chatting, or also sending some files.  Sometimes, some people break the terms of Discord and it disturbs us. It makes us wonder how to report someone on Discord.

However, Discord is available for free neither on PC or smartphone. There, available a lot of channels that will give you knowledge or useless things. You can get friends with the same hobbies or the same interests. But, it is uncommon too, you will find some toxic people with bad behavior. Usually, the admin will kick him out from the channel. But, if the admin is too late, you can report him and it should be the last option.

How To Report Someone On Discord

1. Check Their Message

You only can report someone when they are truly breaking the Discord Community Guidelines. Well, you can’t report them just because they may break your heart. You can report them while they doing the harassment, violating IP rights, sharing kids’ pornography, or spam messages. If they don’t do any activity like these all, then you better mute or block them. Because if you try to report them, you’ll never get any good response from Discord

2. Turn on Developer Mode

The second step on how to report someone on discord is turned on the Developer Mode. On the desktop app, you can easily find the icon report but you will need the user ID. To get a User ID, you should turn your application into developer mode first.

Developer Mode on Discord

Choose the settings icon in the bottom-left corner of the screen, select appearance and choose advanced. After that, there will be 4 options and you need to turn on developer mode.

3. Get Three Different ID

Copy ID Discord

While you want to report someone, you should get three different IDs. In the first one, you can go to users you want to report, right-click and select Copy ID. After that, go to the message you want to report, right-click and choose Copy ID and paste it. The last one is to go to the server icon, do right-click again and select Copy ID. Make sure you paste it one by one wherever you want. Give it a name so you can see it when you forgot the kind of ID it is.

4. Send Your Report

The last step you should do to report someone else is sending your report. You should visit the link Trust & Safety request center on Discord. After that, fill the blank with true information based on the question. You should choose the report option that may closely happen to you before. Last, describe your situation on the “description box and then send it. You should be patient for the rest because Discord will take over it.

These are my answers to the question of how to report someone on Discord. It may be a little bit hard but just take it easy because you need your right to fight. I hope this article can help you to take down the bad user on Discord. So, there will be a good environment and nobody harmed.

Tips for Growing Lemongrass Easily at Home

Growing Lemongrass Easily at Home

If you want another taste in your dish, try to add lemongrass inside. It is a tropical herb that gives you a strong flavor. Taste like citrus, lemongrass is commonly used in tea, sauce, and soups. More than that, lemongrass is used by some people as herbal medicine. They believe that lemongrass could boost immunity and make the body more relaxed. Know so many benefits from this stalk plant, we would share tips for growing lemongrass at your home.

Actually, you don’t need special skills for planting lemongrass. Even lemongrass is a tropical plant, it doesn’t mean you have to move to Asia land to get its benefits. Just follow steps on how to harvest lemongrass below, then you will get yours. Yet if you want a faster way, just go to Asian grocery stores and pick them into the cart. Lemongrass is sold there in dried and fresh. But see our tips for growing lemongrass here and you can make them fresh by your hand.

Easy Way to Grow Lemongrass at Home

Do you have a small garden behind your house? Or there is no space but you already bought some containers? Don’t worry, you can use what you have had. Indeed, while you are planting lemongrass outside, it would be grassy and clump up to 3 to 5 feet. But it is impossible inside your home or on the pot, right? So, check tips for growing lemongrass here and make it yours now:

  1. Choose the Right Stalk

If you find lemongrass in the grocery store, just buy it. Before you walk to the cashier, make sure that each stalk has a green center. Also, the bulb has to be intact on the bottom. Once you have a good stalk, it means you start with a good move.

  1. Put in the Right Container

Clean the bulb, lucky you if you still have the roots there. Rinse with water, get rid of the soil. But usually when you but the lemongrass from a grocery store, it is already clean and placed inside the zip lock plastic.

Take a container with the proper size. Match with your space or the look inside your home. Fill in the container with a few glasses of water. Place the lemongrass with the bulb down inside. Change the water frequently and wait until the new roots grow.

  1. Start with the Seeds

You might want to try one of these tips for growing lemongrass. Starting to grow lemongrass from seeds is a good thing. However, this method requires a little bit more attention to the soil temperature. Moreover when you are in cold weather. Keep the soil temperature 70 degrees. This number is tricky because it must be moist but not wet. Generally, it must be warm and humid.

  1. Put the Cuttings on the Soil

Another way to plant the lemongrass is by using soil in the container. Besides the water, soil is also useful for lemongrass. Cut the top part of the stalk. Don’t remove the bulb and the roots. Those parts would be rooting base in the container. Place in on the soil, you might press a little deeper to get the bulb covered. Wait for about a month to get it developed and re-root.

  1. Water Frequently but not Soggy

As we mentioned previously, you must keep the soil moist. Our trick is watering the soil frequently but not be soggy. Since lemongrass is grassy, it is rich with nitrogen feeders. Make sure that the top is composed every week. You might touch the soil to feel its moist.

Those are tips for growing lemongrass easily at home. You can do it in your leisure time. Perhaps you will love harvesting lemongrass until it becomes your new hobby.

HP LaserJet Pro M130fw Review & Why You Should Buy It!

HP LaserJet Pro M130fw

There are many reasons to buy a printer. But why do you need to buy a particular brand? Aside with the brand itself, you obviously will consider the quality. And if possible, the price. Do you want to know a high-quality printer that would fill up your entire wish, and yet with affordable price? Let’s introduce, HP LaserJet Pro M130fw. Here they are the features.

Why You Should Buy HP LaserJet Pro M130fw

It’s Not Only A Printer, Really

When you buy HP LaserJet Pro M130fw, you wouldn’t get a mere printer. That’s too conventional. Instead, you would get a set of device added to your printers, such as copier and scanner. Rather than buying each machine, just simply buy this all-in-one printer. You wouldn’t just save the space, you’ll save the costs to buy other devices. Eventually, you would save your money.

Complete Machine Features

Want to get a very useful machine that has a number of features? You’ll get that on HP LaserJet Pro M130fw. As for general, this printer has features such as scan to email, conventional scan, instant-on technology, JetIntelligence cartridge, mobile printing, and many else. As for the fax machine, it has Distinctive Ring Detection (DRD), poll receive, auto reduction, and some features else.

Laser Printing Technology

When you buy a conventional printer, you would get a manual cartridge that readily accepts your printing command. However, using this kind of printer would increase the risk that you’re damaging your printings as well as the cartridge. Hence, if you want your printing duty doesn’t interrupt by this, you need to buy a printer with laser technology. Besides the low risk to be damaged, laser technology will give you a clearer printing.

Awesome Processing Capacity

HP LaserJet Pro M130fw is indeed born to fulfill your official duty. More than features and technology, it has an outstanding working capacity. Its normal duty is up to 150 – 1500 papers per month. Yet you could push its limit until 10 thousand pages! So when you have to print thousands of papers on a hectic month, you don’t need to worry. This printer will cope up with it.

HP LaserJet Pro M130fw Ink Toner

Less-Usage Energy

When it’s on the sleep mode, HP LaserJet Pro M130fw use only 1-watt energy. However, it just uses 255-watt amount when it’s operating. Meanwhile, other printers usually use more energy when they’re asleep. Imagine how this HP LaserJet type would decrease your electricity bill.

Wide System Support

This printer could fit almost all operating systems, from the Linux, Apple Mac, until Windows. So you don’t need to afraid your PC can’t handle the printer. Because the printer works well with more than 12 system supports.

Photo Printing Ability

Yes! This is the feature that I love the most! When you use manual cartridge printer, printing images would be quite hard. Because the images will be blurry and the resolution will be damaged. However, when you use this printer, you‘ll get an image quality that’s nearly the same as when you scan it.

That is all seven primary features you could get when you buy HP LaserJet Pro M130fw. When it comes to your office needs, don’t forget to only choose the best. And this printer is the one that has it.

Easy Steps In Getting Instagram Captions Ideas

Getting Instagram Captions Ideas

In this age, people take their time to post something on Instagram, a couple of minutes to pick what to post, and another couple of minutes to decide which filter to use. Then it eats hours to create the best Instagram captions to accompany the post. The reason is that people want to present the best for others, and you may be the same. That’s why, here a list on something to intrigue for captions idea:

Getting Instagram Captions Ideas

  • Quotes

People quoted from others because they hold deep meaning. That’s why many write quotes down and share them through captions. And even if there are many people use it, but it’s still okay to follow the flow. Or for a change, you can browse for quotes to get inspiration. Then when you get the meaning of the quote that moves you, rewrite it with your style. So, you will present something new even if it’s an inspiration from quotes.

  1. Film, Drama, Play, Book, Song, etc… (You Know the Drill)

Just like what mentioned in this point title, the kind of film, drama, play, book, song, and such play a huge role in giving inspiration. The storyline from film, drama, play, or novel often sparks something. And sometime, you will nod in agreement with how the story went. Even, the comic book also plays this role well. Not to mention, many people write a song lyric as a caption for their post. That’s why don’t hesitate to write your caption when these things inspire you.

  1. Something Relate to Your Post

Captions Ideas

It happens to most people, where they write the caption with something they want to say about the picture or video they post. If you’re in dire and couldn’t come up with a good caption, then look closely at what you’re going to post. Just write about what crossed your mind right then and there, and tell it in your caption. People will feel your honesty, and some may agree with you.

  1. Metaphors

Putting metaphors for captions also common, but people don’t always get when you’re meaning. For some people feel fun in trying to guess what’s behind the words. But some others don’t have the patience to do so. And maybe you can try this occasionally to break down a habit.

  1. Something that Crossed Your Mind

You may think this one is as same as the third point, but no, this is not. Because the third one is when you write something related to the content you’re posting, but in this one, it doesn’t need to be like that. Have you ever experience when suddenly a thought comes to your mind? It can happen anytime and anywhere, even if you’re in the shower. You’re better to make a note for this kind of thoughts. So, you can use them later for a caption. To put it simply, you can say this is like quotes from yourself.

Lastly, with whatever inspiration you get your Instagram captions, never forget about the call to actions and emojis. While the call to actions would invite people to respond, the emojis will do the trick to make you more approachable. And also, arguably it’s best to write the captions by yourself. That way, people will feel you’re a heartfelt person, and if someone calls it out in the future, you will not get any problem.

Which One to Choose Gaming Laptop MSI vs Asus

When it comes to choosing gaming laptop MSI vs Asus, it would be a little bit difficult due to the fact that there are various factors contribute to making a gaming laptop better than others. Personal choice or preference is the most crucial factors influencing the way to choose a gaming laptop. Other consideration includes priorities and budget.
When it comes to choosing MSI and Asus for gaming, you must check out the strength and weaknesses of both gaming laptops. Perhaps, you must refer to the specification of each gaming laptop along with the features such as power, storage, and speed.

Now let’s check out the strength and weaknesses of Gaming Laptop MSI vs Asus.

  • Asus Gaming Laptop

Do you know that Asus gaming laptops are now increasingly used in the gaming market? As technology is developing from times to times, Asus gaming laptop is produced to provide the best-expected gaming experience for the users.

– Strength

Some of Asus gaming laptop strength is the controlled heating supported by the ability of an incredible dual fan system and the excessive thermal design. This may offer you an amazing and optimum gaming experience for several hours at once.

– Weaknesses

Talking about Gaming Laptop MSI vs Asus particularly Asus can’t ignore to talk about the weaknesses too. One of which is the frequent upgrade by Asus may cause you to feel that your new Asus laptop is outdated very soon. Other weaknesses include the limited service provided, no soft case provided and an error touchpad.

  • MSI laptops

Now you can check out MSI to compare to Asus as a gaming laptop. In this case, there are also strong and weaknesses of the MSI laptop you have to check out as follows:

– Strength

MSI laptops offer free damage protection and coverage just after you purchase them within one month. You can’t find this from other manufacturers. In addition, MSI laptops come with dozens of specifications and programming features as well as the solid design so that you have not only a working laptop but also a super gaming laptop. A pretty fast line up also supports MSI laptops as well as the new level of immersion for all users. Besides, the RGB keyboard is also fully programmable. All of this strength may lead you to choose MSI laptops for gaming.

– Weaknesses

Is there any weaknesses of MSI laptops? Honestly, there are only a few complaints about the slow and not responding queries on Facebook. There is no problem found about tech support and the software. The only noted weakness of MSI laptops for gaming is the incorrect answer toward the FAQ (frequently asked questions) which is quite disappointing.


Out of the explanation about the strength and the weaknesses of Gaming Laptop MSI vs Asus, you may infer in your mind that choosing MSI laptops may give you a better experience of gaming. The more powerful strength and minimum weaknesses owned by MSI laptops probably become the major reason why most people prefer using them.

3 Best Surround Sound Headphones for Gaming

The idea of sharing you the best surround sound headphones for gaming as the games now come into existence. The surround sound gaming headphones have become important items to purchase among the users for more gaming satisfaction.

Surround sound gaming headphones are produced to deliver the real surround sound experience so that you will be able to feel real in the game. Nowadays, virtual surround sound headphones increase the number of usage along with the dedicated software to emulate the surround sound experience in the competitive multiplayer games.

Here are some best surround sound headphones for gaming you can check out of you have no idea on how to find the suitable headphones.

Best Surround Sound Headphones for Gaming

  • SteelSeries Siberia 800 Wireless Gaming Headphones

The first headphone you can check out for gaming is the SteelSeries Siberia 800. Along with the affordable price, you will be able to have more professional adult gamer headphones. The feature of the stylish transmitter along with an OLED display will enable you to connect to any device because of the direct connection supported by the transmitter.
The transmitter owned by this headphone has already a compartment for your battery charging. This way, you don’t have to worry if you run out of the battery, you can get to charge the battery easily. As one of the best surround sound headphones for gaming, this headphone suit the multiplayer gamers requiring surround sound experience across PC and consoles. It is also designed completely with the Bluetooth functionality and built-in retractable mic.

  • Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrum Wireless Headphone

The second surround sound headphone you may have to know is the Logitech G933 Artemis spectrum wireless headphone which presents a higher-end competition. Coming at an affordable price, this type is more suitable for younger gamers due to the lightness and memory foam. The battery will stand up to 12 hours a day. The features of Logitech G933 includes the retractable boom microphone punchy bass and the compatibility to PC.

  • Sennheiser PC 373D USB

Sennheiser PC 373D USB is the third surround sound gaming headphone you can consider. It comes from the most popular brands in the audio industry. If you run on studio monitoring purpose, this headphone is the right option to take out soon. Although the price might be the most expensive, the technology built along with the item is considered the best. Sennheiser allows you to hear even the finest details in the game so that it seems that you like hearing the real sound.

One of the reasons why you must take Sennheiser into the list of the best surround sound headphones for gaming is the plush velvet ear cups which make you more comfortable without having your ears sweating. The sound quality also proves to be crystal clear and outshines. Thus, you can consider this one if you are searching for one type.


Out of the three best surround sound headphones for gaming we have just shared above, make sure you take one to let you have the real surround sound experience as you were expecting.

5 Reasons Why FileHorse Makes Sense

Do you want to download free software for your Windows PC in a fast and simple way? Head your fingers to type Filehorse. Yup! It is a fast and simple way site to download tons of software at free from the oldest up to the latest versions of hand-picked programs. The software, programs or applications that you want to download are sorted into categories so that you can easily choose one that suits you most.

FileHorse provides the easiest way of downloading the software as well as the free ones. This is only one of the reasons why people think that this site really makes sense. Other reasons will definitely ensure you along with the review of FileHorse that we are going to share.

Why FileHorse Makes Sense

Now let’s have a look why you should consider to find software on this site:

Trusted and Popular

The first reason why you have to find software on FileHorse is the fact that it has been trusted. It is widely visited by almost users around the world. If you are one of the software users, you won’t feel strange to hear the term. This shows that FileHorse is trusted, thus, it is popular and widely used.

The popularity of this software downloading source keeps going up since it is providing all kinds of versions. Which versions of software you want to download, well, you can find it here.


Free of charge is commonly an important reason for people why they look for something at a site. As you can download any software any version a hundred percent free right here, you can’t ignore to visit the site and download the software. Just like other users do.

Easy to Find

The next reason is the fact that you will be extremely easy to find the desired software you want to download. It is because the software is sorted into categories so that you can choose one over some offered. In this case, the categories are:

– Browsers and Plugins
– Messaging and chat
– File sharing
– File transfer and networking
– Office and business tool
– Developer tools
– Anti-spyware
– Anti-virus
– Firewalls and security
– Cleaning and tweaking
– Compression and back up
– Benchmarking
– MP3 and Audio
– Video software
– CD, DVD, and Blu-ray
– Desktop enhancement
– Imaging and digital photo
– Drivers and mobile phone

Now if you want to download Whatsapp application, you must go into the second category that is Messaging and Chat. You will easily find what kinds of applications dealing with messaging and chat.

Provide the Software Information

The next reason why you must head to FileHorse if you want to download software is that FileHorse provides information about the software. Therefore, you can read the software’s review before downloading.


Overall, FileHorse seems to be the best place to find what software you want to download at free. Don’t hesitate to visit this site since it presents the easiest and simplest way of downloading software.

[Guide] Unlock/Access iPhone With Unresponsive Screen

An unresponsive screen is practically a common issue that may happen to any iPhone users. That’s why when you type on your search bar, how to unlock iPhone with unresponsive screen, many results will come out.

Unlock/Access iPhone With Unresponsive Screen

For that, here below are some ways you can try for yourself at home to unlock your iPhone screen:

  1. Wipe the Screen off

The first one on the list on how to unlock iPhone with unresponsive screen is easy. It’s to wipe off your screen (and also your hand) from any particles. Because maybe there a layer of oil, or any other particles that interfere with the touch detection ability of your iPhone screen. If you had a guard or screen protector, then you have to peel it off and clean the between of it as well. To do this, you better to use cotton cloth.

  1. Ask Help from Siri

You can do this second way if only you enable the Siri App in your iPhone, which only for iPhone 4s and higher. Just press and hold the home button for Siri to wake up then tell it to launch an App. It’s an easy trick that often works. And for a precaution, if this happens in the future and you haven’t enabled your Siri yet, then do it now. You only need to go to Setting then click on General and choose Siri to turn it on.

  1. Call the Number on Your iPhone

If those two ways on how to unlock iPhone with unresponsive screen above couldn’t do the job, then you can try this one. You have to ask someone to call your number, which will make your iPhone screen turns responsive because of the call. But if after the call it still unresponsive, you should bring it to try the other next methods.

  1. Restart by Using Hard Reboot

The method usually used if the unresponsive screen was because of minor software issues. Although this mostly avoided, many proved this method is effective. For iPhone 6s and older, to restart or reboot you need to hold for the Home Button (Power Button) and Sleep/Wake Button, wait till Apple logo appears. And if you have iPhone 7 or newer, then press down the Volume Down Button instead of the Home Button while pressing the Sleep/Wake Button along until the Apple logo come out. Once it restarted, the screen should respond to your touch as usual.

  1. Using Some Particular Program to Remove the Lock

Or there’s another way on how to unlock iPhone with unresponsive screen that also often used. To do that you need to have installed any removing lock program on the computer. Just connect your iPhone to the computer by USB interface and run the program. You only need to open the unlocking menu and follow the steps as guided.

That’s a list on how to unlock iPhone with unresponsive screen you can try yourself. If you still couldn’t unlock your iPhone with any of the method mentioned above, then the last resort is to bring it to the repair technician. For your device safety, it recommended to bring it to the nearest Apple Store in your area.

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