5 Best Apps for Editing YouTube Videos

Being a YouTuber is not just a hobby. Nowadays, people can gain profit from YouTube, even more than conventional jobs. One of the main keys to boosting views on YouTube is the visual quality of your videos. So here are the best apps for editing YouTube videos:

1. iMovie


For iOS users, this app might already be familiar to you. iMovie users can make great videos just with a small amount of effort. There is a complete offer of tools to take your video to the next level. This app is easy to use and user-friendly. User doesn’t need amazing skills to edit video here. They can trim their video to the size they want and add in their favorite music, effects, and animated titles.

iMovie is free, but the app is not accessible for Android users. Users can also use it on different devices such as the iPad, MacBook, and desktop.

2. KineMaster


KineMaster says their app is a user-friendly app, but with creating the professional touch finishing. This app provided the user with pre-rendering instant previews and frame-by-frame granular editing. Not to mention, it also supports 4 audio tracks and unlimited audio clips.

For the editing gigs, KaneMaster provides up to two video layers. You can animation edit your video with provided effects or chroma key compositing, keyframe animation, and precise color adjustment.

Not only that, but KineMaster is also free and accessible for Android and iOS users. But, the video result has a watermark on it that users can erase to upgrade their account to premium.

3. VivaVideo


This app offers user fun-packed video editing apps. VivaVideo provides hundreds of special effects, stickers, filters, animated clips, and subtitles for their users. All of those amazing things that people can get for free!

It’s free and downloadable in Android and iOS. But, the app also comes with ads that user can remove with purchasing the premium accounts on the app

4. PowerDirector


Powerdirector is one of the most well known best apps for editing YouTube videos. It’s easy to use and has thousands of amazing features. Although you have no skill at video editing at all, this app will be a savior for you.

Powerdirector is free to download. But like any other app, it has in-app purchase. The app is accessible just for Windows and Android phone and tablet users.

5. Luma Fusion

Luma Fusion

Luma Fusion is great for those who want more professional touch on their videos. It has numerous video effects, color correction editor (up to five-point), layer effects, and even a live audio track mixer.

Although the price might seem a little bit more expensive than others, Luma Fusion is still worth considering. The app is only accessible for iOS users (iPad and iPhone). It also has great customer service that can assist the user to solve their problem with the app.

Those are the list of the best apps for editing YouTube videos. Hope those lists bring benefit for those who want to boost their video views on YouTube. And for those who want to download free software for their desktop, suggested visiting Free Drivers and Software.

Bluestacks Offline Installer, Advantages And Requirement

Bluestacks Offline Installer

Bluestacks is a program that lets you run Android games on your computer with ease. People can play games they usually play on their mobile phone to the computer. This way users can enjoy playing with a larger screen, mouse, and keyboard rather than just a small screen. To have this app, people must download it first then install it on their computer. Is Bluestacks safe to use and download on your computer or is it a virus? Well, it is safe, just make sure to download it on their official website. To download and install the program, users will need a connection to the internet. However, now there is the Bluestacks offline installer that can install without the use of the internet.

Downloading the Bluestacks offline installer can be helpful compared to the online version. You won’t need the internet to install it and the process won’t get disturbed with any connection. It is efficient and a great solution for those who have slow internet. You can also bring the downloaded offline installer and install it directly to another PC. So, how does this installer work and what are the requirements needed?

1. Download Bluestacks

Whether you want an online or offline installer; you still need the internet to download the app. However, before downloading you can choose to download the online or offline installer. Online is quick and easy to use but again it will need an internet connection. As for the offline installer, you can install it without any internet connection.

2. For Windows XP or Higher

Windows XP

If you want to use the offline installer, then make sure that your computer is using Windows XP or a higher type. Because the installer can only be used on those systems and iOS systems. Some people have tried installing it in a lower Windows and the app didn’t work well. The app reacted slow and was hard to use for games.

3. Hard disk space 2GB

The installer will need space around 2GB, so make sure you have that much space too. If possible, give more space on the hard disk so that when you run it doesn’t slow down. The app can run in low space, however, to maximize the use give a spare of 1GB on the computer.

4. RAM 1GB

Bluestacks offline installer can work well on a computer with minimum RAM 1GB. This shouldn’t be a big problem as many computers already use this RAM. However, the higher the RAM is the better it would be to run the program on your PC.

5. Need Internet to Sign Up

The offline installer is only to install the program on your computer. After the process is done you will still need the internet to log in to your Google account. Then you can start using your app on your computer just like you use it on your mobile phone.

The Bluestacks offline installer is a great solution for those who have problems with their internet connection. Or for those who want to easily install the apps on every PC they use. Because they can install the program easily even though they have no connection. Just make sure that your computer has the requirements needed to use the offline installer.

Smadav Antivirus Pro and How to Purchase It

Smadav antivirus Pro is the higher grade of the popular Smadav antivirus. Most computer users know it as the paid version of the free Smadav software. Of course, different people may have a different opinion when it comes to the best protective system for the computer. Some people may prefer the free service while others may like the paid service better. So, what can you expect from this software?

Smadav in General

Smadav is a software that is created as the additional program. It means that you need to have a  main antivirus program and then add Smadav as the extra protection. Smadav is known for its handy scanning ability – it is easy and fast. When it finds the similar suspicious activity, folder, or file in the database, it will immediately filter it and remove it. Not to mention that it has a real-time update that can improve the efficiency and usage in the operation.


So, what’s with Smadav antivirus Pro, anyway? As a paid service, it has more features and advantages when compared to the free service. For instance, the Pro version has the automatic update that runs on a monthly basis. So, instead of you having to perform a manual update, you simply let the program runs on its own and performs the automatic update. Moreover, there are other features that you can expect from the Pro version, such as the ability to change theme colors, the license to use the program for commercial or profit purpose, app tools section, protection setting, admin password, and so much more.


Keep in mind, though, that you can’t use Smadav as the main internet or antivirus security. This is a program that functions well as the secondary protection or for the flash drive protection. It doesn’t have any full coverage for internet security or the complete computer’s system. But if you can pair it up with the main antivirus, it will perform quite well and in the most satisfying way.


How to Buy the Pro Version?

If you already have the free Smadav version, you can always upgrade it to the Pro. If you have never used Smadav before, then you can go to the official website and directly choose the one with the paid service. You can buy the Pro with either PayPal or credit card – the option is available on the official website. Simply click on it and then make the payment. Remember, your license will be valid and legit for the upcoming 1 year.

Smadav Pro 2019


Don’t forget to contact the provider via [email protected] (or you can find the information at the site) to confirm your payment. You can also contact them via WhatsApp. Once the payment is confirmed or verified, the keys will be sent to your emails within 24 hours. In the event that you haven’t received the license after 24 hours, contact them.


If you are really sure that Smadav Antivirus Pro 2020 is the best option for your secondary antivirus program, then you will see how it works for you – for the next year. Hopefully, the Smadav antivirus Pro won’t disappoint you.

Top 3 Recommended Fitness Apps for Android

Top 3 Recommended Fitness Apps for Android

Are you now working on a loss-weight program or gain muscles? Or, you are simply maintaining a healthy lifestyle so that requires you to do fitness and workout routines? If so, it should be great to have an application that can support you to do everything you need to achieve your fitness goals. Thankfully, there are a lot of apps that you can choose out there to support and guide you, and also some of these apps come with streaming music function. And, we have some of the best fitness apps for Android with interesting features to help you gain your healthy lifestyle. Just check them out.

Best Fitness Apps for Android

Google Fit

Google has developed an app named Google Fit that mainly functions as workout tracker. The app will record your fitness activities by using sensors in your activity tracker or mobile device. Using this one, you will get various pieces of information including your speed, pace, route, elevation, and more. In addition, Google Fit also displays the current and real-time stats of your running, walking, and even riding. Moreover, this app also allows you to set up your certain goals regarding steps, distance, time, and even calorie burn. The features mentioned above can be synced with your Android Wear. Even though there are several more apps that offer you relatively better experiences, still, this is a great app which is free without any ads pop up.


Runtastic is simply fantastic for you who do exercise on a daily basis. To track your running, walking, biking, and jogging, Runtastic uses GPS. Next, you will get detailed information in graphs as well as tables telling you the progress that you have made. Besides, you can also use this app on the treadmill and other stuff at the gym. For sure, there are a lot more features that you can enjoy when you have this app. Runtastic comes in a free version that contains ads. If you want more, you may also try some additional features with its app-in purchases.

MyFitnessPal – Calorie Counter

If you focus on losing your weight, MyFitnessPal comes with its Calorie Counter to help you control your diet program. The database provides you with over 6 million foods. The interesting part is that you can add the food you eat manually or using the barcode scanner. As the name suggests, this app is a great alternative when you concern with the calorie you get. For sure, the calorie counter is only one thing from several features offered including recipe importer, food insights, and restaurant logging. Regarding the exercise, you can select from more than 350 types of exercises or simply create your own. Like the other two, you can also set your goals to get the graphs of your workout history. MyFitnessPal is a free Android app with in-app purchases.

Well, those three are only a few from the best fitness apps for Android that you can install on your Android devices. There are many more to try when you think that the three mentioned above do not provide you what you need. Remember, the list is given does not mean that those are the only best because you surely have your own right to select the right one based on your personal needs. Thank you for your visit and keep healthy.