HP LaserJet Pro M130fw Review & Why You Should Buy It!

HP LaserJet Pro M130fw

There are many reasons to buy a printer. But why do you need to buy a particular brand? Aside with the brand itself, you obviously will consider the quality. And if possible, the price. Do you want to know a high-quality printer that would fill up your entire wish, and yet with affordable price? Let’s introduce, HP LaserJet Pro M130fw. Here they are the features.

Why You Should Buy HP LaserJet Pro M130fw

It’s Not Only A Printer, Really

When you buy HP LaserJet Pro M130fw, you wouldn’t get a mere printer. That’s too conventional. Instead, you would get a set of device added to your printers, such as copier and scanner. Rather than buying each machine, just simply buy this all-in-one printer. You wouldn’t just save the space, you’ll save the costs to buy other devices. Eventually, you would save your money.

Complete Machine Features

Want to get a very useful machine that has a number of features? You’ll get that on HP LaserJet Pro M130fw. As for general, this printer has features such as scan to email, conventional scan, instant-on technology, JetIntelligence cartridge, mobile printing, and many else. As for the fax machine, it has Distinctive Ring Detection (DRD), poll receive, auto reduction, and some features else.

Laser Printing Technology

When you buy a conventional printer, you would get a manual cartridge that readily accepts your printing command. However, using this kind of printer would increase the risk that you’re damaging your printings as well as the cartridge. Hence, if you want your printing duty doesn’t interrupt by this, you need to buy a printer with laser technology. Besides the low risk to be damaged, laser technology will give you a clearer printing.

Awesome Processing Capacity

HP LaserJet Pro M130fw is indeed born to fulfill your official duty. More than features and technology, it has an outstanding working capacity. Its normal duty is up to 150 – 1500 papers per month. Yet you could push its limit until 10 thousand pages! So when you have to print thousands of papers on a hectic month, you don’t need to worry. This printer will cope up with it.

HP LaserJet Pro M130fw Ink Toner

Less-Usage Energy

When it’s on the sleep mode, HP LaserJet Pro M130fw use only 1-watt energy. However, it just uses 255-watt amount when it’s operating. Meanwhile, other printers usually use more energy when they’re asleep. Imagine how this HP LaserJet type would decrease your electricity bill.

Wide System Support

This printer could fit almost all operating systems, from the Linux, Apple Mac, until Windows. So you don’t need to afraid your PC can’t handle the printer. Because the printer works well with more than 12 system supports.

Photo Printing Ability

Yes! This is the feature that I love the most! When you use manual cartridge printer, printing images would be quite hard. Because the images will be blurry and the resolution will be damaged. However, when you use this printer, you‘ll get an image quality that’s nearly the same as when you scan it.

That is all seven primary features you could get when you buy HP LaserJet Pro M130fw. When it comes to your office needs, don’t forget to only choose the best. And this printer is the one that has it.

HP AMP 100 Review and Interesting Details

If you need a printer for personal use, we need to inform you that HP offers you a slim printer that can be easily placed at home with only a total dimension of 5.7 x 15.9 x 7 inches (WHD). HP AMP 100 is a great option you have. The best news is that this printer is equipped with that will make your printing jobs not only easy to complete but fun as well. Let’s talk about some interesting details about it.

Interesting Details of HP AMP 100

As stated before, AMP 100 is a slim printer which is suitable to use at home. The dimension will not force you to think hard on how to place the machine on your desktop.

As a personal printer, the paper handling is acceptably limited. The input tray can hold only up to 60 sheets of paper and the output tray has the maximum capacity of 25 sheets of standard paper. Surely, the paper capacity is not a big thing that you will complain about because you may not need to deal with a lot of printing tasks at home.

The speed and quality are simply great especially when considering the printer as a personal one. Of course, it is not fair when you compare them to the others.

What makes it interesting is that HP AMP 100 is equipped with a built-in sound system that enables you to play music while doing your jobs. In this case, you can simply connect it to your smartphone, for instance, via Bluetooth and enjoy the music you love. In addition, the USB host attached on the printer allows you to charge your phone battery. This part is actually the fun thing about this model.


When it comes to the mobile printing connectivity, this printer supports Apple AirPrint, HP ePrint, and Wireless Direct Printing through your Apple devices or Android devices. It means you do not need to transfer any files you store in your mobile devices in order to print them. You can simply connect it to your mobile devices wirelessly to start doing your tasks.

HP AMP 100 Driver

For sure, it is important to install the printer driver software to work with the printer. You have the CD driver installation method as well as the access to the internet in order to download the software. If you think that you want to download the software driver from the third party website, you should make sure that you only visit a trusted website to avoid getting unwanted problems.