5 Best Buy Small TV for Improved Entertainment and Quality

If you are looking for small TVs that won’t serve as your main dedicated TV in the living room, there are some potential candidates for Best Buy small TV. Some homeowners may consider having a small TV for the guest room or for their home office – or even for their men-cave. In short, there are always some reliable candidates to choose from. And not all people are interested in super huge and wide TV screens.

Insignia 24 Inches TV

Insignia 24 Inches TV

You can actually find various sizes from Insignia – starting from 19 inches to more than 32 inches.  For some people, the 24 inches is quite ideal for the smaller rooms, such as men-cave or guest rooms. After all, it is an LED TV with 720 resolution. From quality and brightness, it may not be the best, but it is enough to deliver crisp and fun image quality. Not to mention that it supports 178 degrees of the viewing angle, making it a nice and flexible device to enjoy your entertainment. And it also comes with a timer for the power, so you won’t have to worry about your bills. Saving energy is fun with this TV around!

LG 24 Inches LED TV

LG 24 Inches LED TV

The image quality is nice. The colors are crisps and detailed, and you can actually have an enjoyable viewing time despite the ‘only’ 720 pixel quality. Whether you want to use it as a desktop TV or a monitor, you can expect the best out of it. The 24 inches in size is pretty decent – you can still enjoy the show if you want to make it a kitchen TV. It also offers wall mounted ability – which is great when you want to save up floor space. You should put it in your best Best Buy small TV list, for sure.

Toshiba 32 Inches TV

Toshiba 32 Inches TV

A lot of homeowners use this TV in their workout room or the home office. The 32 inches size is considered pretty ideal for a bigger room and farther viewing distance. The smart TV is considered ideal for most homeowners. It has good WiFi connection, clear screen, impressive sound quality, and also lightweight features. It even comes with a voice remote, which is quite impressive for an inexpensive TV. You should have no problem or whatsoever with the setup. Such a nice inexpensive device with tons of power and features.

LG 28 Inches TV

LG 28 Inches TV

In the event you are looking for a TV that you can pack up in the trailer or RV, this one would be right up your alley. It is light with impressive screen quality. The only downside is the fact that it isn’t a smart TV – you need to use Roku or Fire stick to turn it into a smart device. With a great picture and easy setup, it would be easy to see why this one is likable by a lot of people.

Westinghouse 32 Inches Smart TV

Westinghouse 32 Inches Smart TV

The TV comes packing with 3 HDMI ports so you can connect it to other external devices or accessories, such as gaming consoles or movie players. The WiFi setting is super great – it is easy to connect and setup. The integrated apps are also nice and convenient. And the slim bezel improves the viewing access to the maximum level. Unfortunately, the stand foot is wobbly so you need to figure out a way to tackle it.

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5 Best Smart TVs in 2020 You Should Consider

With the development of technology, many electronic products are now becoming a smart product. From smartphones, smartwatches to a smart TV. One of the biggest developments of these three products is Smart TV. The main difference between a Smart TV and a normal TV is that it can connect to Wi-Fi. Once you are connected, you can enjoy many kinds of applications and movies on TV. So, it is like using your phone but on your TV. You can also even connect your phone to your TV and see it on a larger screen. So, if you want to buy one, make sure to consider the best Smart TV 2020.

When it comes to choosing the best Smart TV, there are many kinds of brands offered. Even though the brands are different, the features offered are usually the same. The standard or main features that are usually available are YouTube, NetFlix, Internet, Amazon and many more. The difference in price offered is usually caused by the brand and size of the TV. So, now that you know what you will get, here are the best smart TV 2020 that to consider buying:

1. Samsung Q90R QLED TV

Samsung Q90R QLED TV

This smart TV comes in a 75-inch screen that can satisfy people who watch it. It delivers a beautiful and sharp picture quality with high HDR performance. With the big screen, people can get wider viewing angles from any side of the TV. Therefore, the screen is best to watch the action or romantic movies as it will satisfy your eyes. The only con for this version is there is no Dolby vision coming in it.

2. LG C9 OLED Series

LG C9 OLED Series

The LG C9 has stepped ahead and made progress compared to its old version the C8. In this version, the TV comes with great 4K quality, delivering superb picture quality. However, their picture may seem a bit compared to other brands, but it is still tolerable. This LG version also comes with a Dolby Vision and a highly smart platform compared to other brands. The disappointing point is there is no HDR10+ support available in the LG C9.

3. Vizio P-Series Quantum X

Vizio P-Series Quantum X

One of the best smart TV 2020 options that are targeted for many people is the Vizio P-Series Quantum X. The TV is packed with excellent image quality and speakers that are worth getting. So, for those who love to watch movies online or offline, this is a great option. The price of it is also affordable for your pockets, so it is recommended to buy it.

4. Sony A9G Master Series

Sony A9G Master Series

The next smart TV that is on the list is the Sony A9G Master series which offers excellent 4K HDR images. Compared to other smart TVs, this is one of the best TVs with the best quality of the image. It also comes with many features without having to download the apps. You can also connect your phones to your PC and enjoy them on your TV screen.

5. TCL 6-Series QLED

TCL 6-Series QLED

This is the cheapest smart TV that is recommended to buy. This a Chinese brand that comes with complete features but at an affordable price. It has bright and colorful HDR images, so it is great for watching movies. However, the details for dark colors are a bit lost and have limited motion settings. Other than that, this TV brand is recommended to buy, if you are looking for something affordable.

So, when choosing the best smart TV 2020, make sure to check the apps and features first. The more apps there is the better because you can enjoy them later. Then choose the kind of features that you need and prefer to use. Because these things will affect the cost of the TV. Now for those who need more information about Smart TV, come and visit Best Product Review Site – Sylvia Juncosa.

Which One to Choose Gaming Laptop MSI vs Asus

When it comes to choosing gaming laptop MSI vs Asus, it would be a little bit difficult due to the fact that there are various factors contribute to making a gaming laptop better than others. Personal choice or preference is the most crucial factors influencing the way to choose a gaming laptop. Other consideration includes priorities and budget.
When it comes to choosing MSI and Asus for gaming, you must check out the strength and weaknesses of both gaming laptops. Perhaps, you must refer to the specification of each gaming laptop along with the features such as power, storage, and speed.

Now let’s check out the strength and weaknesses of Gaming Laptop MSI vs Asus.

  • Asus Gaming Laptop

Do you know that Asus gaming laptops are now increasingly used in the gaming market? As technology is developing from times to times, Asus gaming laptop is produced to provide the best-expected gaming experience for the users.

– Strength

Some of Asus gaming laptop strength is the controlled heating supported by the ability of an incredible dual fan system and the excessive thermal design. This may offer you an amazing and optimum gaming experience for several hours at once.

– Weaknesses

Talking about Gaming Laptop MSI vs Asus particularly Asus can’t ignore to talk about the weaknesses too. One of which is the frequent upgrade by Asus may cause you to feel that your new Asus laptop is outdated very soon. Other weaknesses include the limited service provided, no soft case provided and an error touchpad.

  • MSI laptops

Now you can check out MSI to compare to Asus as a gaming laptop. In this case, there are also strong and weaknesses of the MSI laptop you have to check out as follows:

– Strength

MSI laptops offer free damage protection and coverage just after you purchase them within one month. You can’t find this from other manufacturers. In addition, MSI laptops come with dozens of specifications and programming features as well as the solid design so that you have not only a working laptop but also a super gaming laptop. A pretty fast line up also supports MSI laptops as well as the new level of immersion for all users. Besides, the RGB keyboard is also fully programmable. All of this strength may lead you to choose MSI laptops for gaming.

– Weaknesses

Is there any weaknesses of MSI laptops? Honestly, there are only a few complaints about the slow and not responding queries on Facebook. There is no problem found about tech support and the software. The only noted weakness of MSI laptops for gaming is the incorrect answer toward the FAQ (frequently asked questions) which is quite disappointing.


Out of the explanation about the strength and the weaknesses of Gaming Laptop MSI vs Asus, you may infer in your mind that choosing MSI laptops may give you a better experience of gaming. The more powerful strength and minimum weaknesses owned by MSI laptops probably become the major reason why most people prefer using them.

3 Best Surround Sound Headphones for Gaming

The idea of sharing you the best surround sound headphones for gaming as the games now come into existence. The surround sound gaming headphones have become important items to purchase among the users for more gaming satisfaction.

Surround sound gaming headphones are produced to deliver the real surround sound experience so that you will be able to feel real in the game. Nowadays, virtual surround sound headphones increase the number of usage along with the dedicated software to emulate the surround sound experience in the competitive multiplayer games.

Here are some best surround sound headphones for gaming you can check out of you have no idea on how to find the suitable headphones.

Best Surround Sound Headphones for Gaming

  • SteelSeries Siberia 800 Wireless Gaming Headphones

The first headphone you can check out for gaming is the SteelSeries Siberia 800. Along with the affordable price, you will be able to have more professional adult gamer headphones. The feature of the stylish transmitter along with an OLED display will enable you to connect to any device because of the direct connection supported by the transmitter.
The transmitter owned by this headphone has already a compartment for your battery charging. This way, you don’t have to worry if you run out of the battery, you can get to charge the battery easily. As one of the best surround sound headphones for gaming, this headphone suit the multiplayer gamers requiring surround sound experience across PC and consoles. It is also designed completely with the Bluetooth functionality and built-in retractable mic.

  • Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrum Wireless Headphone

The second surround sound headphone you may have to know is the Logitech G933 Artemis spectrum wireless headphone which presents a higher-end competition. Coming at an affordable price, this type is more suitable for younger gamers due to the lightness and memory foam. The battery will stand up to 12 hours a day. The features of Logitech G933 includes the retractable boom microphone punchy bass and the compatibility to PC.

  • Sennheiser PC 373D USB

Sennheiser PC 373D USB is the third surround sound gaming headphone you can consider. It comes from the most popular brands in the audio industry. If you run on studio monitoring purpose, this headphone is the right option to take out soon. Although the price might be the most expensive, the technology built along with the item is considered the best. Sennheiser allows you to hear even the finest details in the game so that it seems that you like hearing the real sound.

One of the reasons why you must take Sennheiser into the list of the best surround sound headphones for gaming is the plush velvet ear cups which make you more comfortable without having your ears sweating. The sound quality also proves to be crystal clear and outshines. Thus, you can consider this one if you are searching for one type.


Out of the three best surround sound headphones for gaming we have just shared above, make sure you take one to let you have the real surround sound experience as you were expecting.