How to Unlock Android If You Forget Phone’s PIN or Password

How to Unlock Android If You Forget Phone’s PIN or Password

How do you secure your Android smartphone? Whether you are using a PIN, pattern or password, it helps protect your phone from unwanted people. However, there are times when you forget the unlock code so you can’t get into the device. What should you do?

Don’t worry! There’s a couple of hacks that can be used to unlock Android phone even if you forget the code. Keep scrolling and get ready to blow your mind!

Ways to Unlock Android Phone

Some might think that if you forget your phone’s password or PIN, the device will be useless. In fact, there are some ways to get back in and use your phone again. Here are things to do to unlock Android phone if you forget the code according to

1. For Android 4.4 and Below

If you are using Android 4.4 Kitkat or below and suddenly forget the unlock code, you can bypass the pattern, PIN, or password. It enables you to get back without even using the right password. It requires you to log in to Google account using your username and password.

Here is how to bypass locked Android 4.4 and older versions with Google account:

  • At the lock screen, enter the incorrect PIN, pattern, or password five times.
  • You should see a Forgot PIN, Forgot Pattern, or Forgot Password button appears on the screen.
  • Tap the button and you will be directed to log in to Google account using your username and password.
  • Once you are in, you can change with a new unlock code.

When setting a new unlock code, be sure it is easy to remember. If necessary, you might need to write down the password or PIN in case you accidentally forget the new code.

2. For Android 5.0 and Newer

Newer versions of Android ditch bypass support so it is unlikely to get back in with your Google account. That means it will require extra effort to unlock the device once you forget the password of PIN. Luckily, you can rely on the Smart Lock feature to make the phone usable again.

This feature enables the device to automatically log in when it is connected with your home Wi-Fi. Even if you don’t remember the code, this feature will do the magic.

Before you forget the password or PIN and get in trouble, it’s much better to set the Smart Lock feature on your Android. Here are the steps:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Select Security option and choose Smart Lock.
  • You should see three different options: trusted places, trusted devices, and trusted face. Choose one or all options at the same time.

If you choose a trusted device, the phone will automatically unlock whenever trusted devices are nearby. You are allowed to add as many devices as you want.

3. Factory Reset

If the previous methods don’t work, you still have the last option to unlock Android smartphone—factory reset. When performing factory reset, everything you saved on the device, including settings, contacts, and data will be erased. Simply put, your phone will be fresh like new.

Here is how to factory reset the device when it is locked:

  • Make sure your phone has Android Device Manager enabled.
  • Visit the website of Android Device Manager and use your Google account to log in.
  • Choose the device you want to factory reset and choose Erase.

This action will remove the lock code. Set everything up from scratch to make your phone usable again. No matter what it takes, the result is worth your effort.

Forgetting your phone’s password or PIN isn’t that bad. There are three simple ways to get back into the device, allowing you to make it functional again. Whether you are using older or newer versions of Android, there is always a way to unlock it.

How to Uninstall Nvidia Drivers Windows 10

How to Uninstall Nvidia Drivers Windows 10

How to uninstall Nvidia drivers Windows 10? Not many people know that uninstalling the Nvidia drivers from Windows 10 can be pretty direct and straightforward. It isn’t as complicated as they think – but you need to consult the reliable source and make sure that you follow the directions to the letter. After you have done with the uninstallation process, you can move forward and download the latest driver – and then install it. How can you find the latest driver? It’s simple; just go to the official site of Nvidia and you can never go wrong

Uninstall Nvidia Drivers from the Control Panel

Uninstall Nvidia Drivers from the Control Panel

There are actually many ways on how to uninstall Nvidia drivers Windows 10. Uninstalling it from the Control Panel is one of them.

  • Go to the Control Panel.
  • After viewing the Category, choose Uninstall a Program
  • Scroll down the software list. You want to choose Nvidia Driver within the list
  • Once you have found Nvidia Driver, right click on it. Then choose Uninstall/Change
  • The driver uninstallation has completed
  • In the event you want to uninstall other components from Nvidia, you only need to repeat the same above steps so you can remove them one by one.
  • Don’t forget to reboot the computer so the changes will take effect

By Device Manager

You can also use the Device Manager, which is the built-in tool from Windows so you can manage the entire devices being connected to your computer. You can also use it to uninstall drivers or remove the unwanted devices. Here are the steps:

  • Press Windows and R keys so the Run dialog box will open. Then type in devmgmt.msc and press OK
  • You are in the Device Manager now. Choose the tab View and when you see a drop-down list, choose Show Hidden Devices
  • After you do it, you will see all the hidden devices. Find the Nvidia device. Just right click on the option Nvidia Graphics Device and go with Uninstall
  • You will see a pop-up window appear. Choose Delete the Driver Software for this Device, then choose OK
  • Your process is done

Uninstall Nvidia Drivers with Driver Easy

Be advised that uninstalling the driver by accessing the Control Panel may not produce a successful result for everyone. If the first way doesn’t work out well, you can always try Driver Easy Pro. Yes, you will have to buy it but it offers a 30-day money back guarantee – and you will also get support.

The function of the tool is to detect all the installed drivers and then show them within a list. Can you uninstall the driver with this tool? Of course you can! As a matter of fact, you only need to do some clicks and you are good to go. Here are the steps:

  • Download Driver Easy and then install it in the computer
  • Launch it. Then choose Tools
  • Choose Driver Uninstall. Scroll down to find the Nvidia Driver – under Display adapters
  • Choose Uninstall to execute the action
  • You will have to upgrade to Pro so you can complete the uninstallation

As you can see, there are many alternatives to uninstall the Nvidia driver. As long as you follow the directions of how to uninstall Nvidia drivers Windows 10 properly, you should be good to go.

How To Report Someone On Discord Easily

How To Report Someone On Discord

Discord is such an amazing application that is usually used while playing a game. It has a lot of features that can ease us to communicate with others. For example, we can talk with our group while playing a game, chatting, or also sending some files.  Sometimes, some people break the terms of Discord and it disturbs us. It makes us wonder how to report someone on Discord.

However, Discord is available for free neither on PC or smartphone. There, available a lot of channels that will give you knowledge or useless things. You can get friends with the same hobbies or the same interests. But, it is uncommon too, you will find some toxic people with bad behavior. Usually, the admin will kick him out from the channel. But, if the admin is too late, you can report him and it should be the last option.

How To Report Someone On Discord

1. Check Their Message

You only can report someone when they are truly breaking the Discord Community Guidelines. Well, you can’t report them just because they may break your heart. You can report them while they doing the harassment, violating IP rights, sharing kids’ pornography, or spam messages. If they don’t do any activity like these all, then you better mute or block them. Because if you try to report them, you’ll never get any good response from Discord

2. Turn on Developer Mode

The second step on how to report someone on discord is turned on the Developer Mode. On the desktop app, you can easily find the icon report but you will need the user ID. To get a User ID, you should turn your application into developer mode first.

Developer Mode on Discord

Choose the settings icon in the bottom-left corner of the screen, select appearance and choose advanced. After that, there will be 4 options and you need to turn on developer mode.

3. Get Three Different ID

Copy ID Discord

While you want to report someone, you should get three different IDs. In the first one, you can go to users you want to report, right-click and select Copy ID. After that, go to the message you want to report, right-click and choose Copy ID and paste it. The last one is to go to the server icon, do right-click again and select Copy ID. Make sure you paste it one by one wherever you want. Give it a name so you can see it when you forgot the kind of ID it is.

4. Send Your Report

The last step you should do to report someone else is sending your report. You should visit the link Trust & Safety request center on Discord. After that, fill the blank with true information based on the question. You should choose the report option that may closely happen to you before. Last, describe your situation on the “description box and then send it. You should be patient for the rest because Discord will take over it.

These are my answers to the question of how to report someone on Discord. It may be a little bit hard but just take it easy because you need your right to fight. I hope this article can help you to take down the bad user on Discord. So, there will be a good environment and nobody harmed.

Tips for Growing Lemongrass Easily at Home

Growing Lemongrass Easily at Home

If you want another taste in your dish, try to add lemongrass inside. It is a tropical herb that gives you a strong flavor. Taste like citrus, lemongrass is commonly used in tea, sauce, and soups. More than that, lemongrass is used by some people as herbal medicine. They believe that lemongrass could boost immunity and make the body more relaxed. Know so many benefits from this stalk plant, we would share tips for growing lemongrass at your home.

Actually, you don’t need special skills for planting lemongrass. Even lemongrass is a tropical plant, it doesn’t mean you have to move to Asia land to get its benefits. Just follow steps on how to harvest lemongrass below, then you will get yours. Yet if you want a faster way, just go to Asian grocery stores and pick them into the cart. Lemongrass is sold there in dried and fresh. But see our tips for growing lemongrass here and you can make them fresh by your hand.

Easy Way to Grow Lemongrass at Home

Do you have a small garden behind your house? Or there is no space but you already bought some containers? Don’t worry, you can use what you have had. Indeed, while you are planting lemongrass outside, it would be grassy and clump up to 3 to 5 feet. But it is impossible inside your home or on the pot, right? So, check tips for growing lemongrass here and make it yours now:

  1. Choose the Right Stalk

If you find lemongrass in the grocery store, just buy it. Before you walk to the cashier, make sure that each stalk has a green center. Also, the bulb has to be intact on the bottom. Once you have a good stalk, it means you start with a good move.

  1. Put in the Right Container

Clean the bulb, lucky you if you still have the roots there. Rinse with water, get rid of the soil. But usually when you but the lemongrass from a grocery store, it is already clean and placed inside the zip lock plastic.

Take a container with the proper size. Match with your space or the look inside your home. Fill in the container with a few glasses of water. Place the lemongrass with the bulb down inside. Change the water frequently and wait until the new roots grow.

  1. Start with the Seeds

You might want to try one of these tips for growing lemongrass. Starting to grow lemongrass from seeds is a good thing. However, this method requires a little bit more attention to the soil temperature. Moreover when you are in cold weather. Keep the soil temperature 70 degrees. This number is tricky because it must be moist but not wet. Generally, it must be warm and humid.

  1. Put the Cuttings on the Soil

Another way to plant the lemongrass is by using soil in the container. Besides the water, soil is also useful for lemongrass. Cut the top part of the stalk. Don’t remove the bulb and the roots. Those parts would be rooting base in the container. Place in on the soil, you might press a little deeper to get the bulb covered. Wait for about a month to get it developed and re-root.

  1. Water Frequently but not Soggy

As we mentioned previously, you must keep the soil moist. Our trick is watering the soil frequently but not be soggy. Since lemongrass is grassy, it is rich with nitrogen feeders. Make sure that the top is composed every week. You might touch the soil to feel its moist.

Those are tips for growing lemongrass easily at home. You can do it in your leisure time. Perhaps you will love harvesting lemongrass until it becomes your new hobby.

Easy Steps In Getting Instagram Captions Ideas

Getting Instagram Captions Ideas

In this age, people take their time to post something on Instagram, a couple of minutes to pick what to post, and another couple of minutes to decide which filter to use. Then it eats hours to create the best Instagram captions to accompany the post. The reason is that people want to present the best for others, and you may be the same. That’s why, here a list on something to intrigue for captions idea:

Getting Instagram Captions Ideas

  • Quotes

People quoted from others because they hold deep meaning. That’s why many write quotes down and share them through captions. And even if there are many people use it, but it’s still okay to follow the flow. Or for a change, you can browse for quotes to get inspiration. Then when you get the meaning of the quote that moves you, rewrite it with your style. So, you will present something new even if it’s an inspiration from quotes.

  1. Film, Drama, Play, Book, Song, etc… (You Know the Drill)

Just like what mentioned in this point title, the kind of film, drama, play, book, song, and such play a huge role in giving inspiration. The storyline from film, drama, play, or novel often sparks something. And sometime, you will nod in agreement with how the story went. Even, the comic book also plays this role well. Not to mention, many people write a song lyric as a caption for their post. That’s why don’t hesitate to write your caption when these things inspire you.

  1. Something Relate to Your Post

Captions Ideas

It happens to most people, where they write the caption with something they want to say about the picture or video they post. If you’re in dire and couldn’t come up with a good caption, then look closely at what you’re going to post. Just write about what crossed your mind right then and there, and tell it in your caption. People will feel your honesty, and some may agree with you.

  1. Metaphors

Putting metaphors for captions also common, but people don’t always get when you’re meaning. For some people feel fun in trying to guess what’s behind the words. But some others don’t have the patience to do so. And maybe you can try this occasionally to break down a habit.

  1. Something that Crossed Your Mind

You may think this one is as same as the third point, but no, this is not. Because the third one is when you write something related to the content you’re posting, but in this one, it doesn’t need to be like that. Have you ever experience when suddenly a thought comes to your mind? It can happen anytime and anywhere, even if you’re in the shower. You’re better to make a note for this kind of thoughts. So, you can use them later for a caption. To put it simply, you can say this is like quotes from yourself.

Lastly, with whatever inspiration you get your Instagram captions, never forget about the call to actions and emojis. While the call to actions would invite people to respond, the emojis will do the trick to make you more approachable. And also, arguably it’s best to write the captions by yourself. That way, people will feel you’re a heartfelt person, and if someone calls it out in the future, you will not get any problem.

[Guide] Unlock/Access iPhone With Unresponsive Screen

An unresponsive screen is practically a common issue that may happen to any iPhone users. That’s why when you type on your search bar, how to unlock iPhone with unresponsive screen, many results will come out.

Unlock/Access iPhone With Unresponsive Screen

For that, here below are some ways you can try for yourself at home to unlock your iPhone screen:

  1. Wipe the Screen off

The first one on the list on how to unlock iPhone with unresponsive screen is easy. It’s to wipe off your screen (and also your hand) from any particles. Because maybe there a layer of oil, or any other particles that interfere with the touch detection ability of your iPhone screen. If you had a guard or screen protector, then you have to peel it off and clean the between of it as well. To do this, you better to use cotton cloth.

  1. Ask Help from Siri

You can do this second way if only you enable the Siri App in your iPhone, which only for iPhone 4s and higher. Just press and hold the home button for Siri to wake up then tell it to launch an App. It’s an easy trick that often works. And for a precaution, if this happens in the future and you haven’t enabled your Siri yet, then do it now. You only need to go to Setting then click on General and choose Siri to turn it on.

  1. Call the Number on Your iPhone

If those two ways on how to unlock iPhone with unresponsive screen above couldn’t do the job, then you can try this one. You have to ask someone to call your number, which will make your iPhone screen turns responsive because of the call. But if after the call it still unresponsive, you should bring it to try the other next methods.

  1. Restart by Using Hard Reboot

The method usually used if the unresponsive screen was because of minor software issues. Although this mostly avoided, many proved this method is effective. For iPhone 6s and older, to restart or reboot you need to hold for the Home Button (Power Button) and Sleep/Wake Button, wait till Apple logo appears. And if you have iPhone 7 or newer, then press down the Volume Down Button instead of the Home Button while pressing the Sleep/Wake Button along until the Apple logo come out. Once it restarted, the screen should respond to your touch as usual.

  1. Using Some Particular Program to Remove the Lock

Or there’s another way on how to unlock iPhone with unresponsive screen that also often used. To do that you need to have installed any removing lock program on the computer. Just connect your iPhone to the computer by USB interface and run the program. You only need to open the unlocking menu and follow the steps as guided.

That’s a list on how to unlock iPhone with unresponsive screen you can try yourself. If you still couldn’t unlock your iPhone with any of the method mentioned above, then the last resort is to bring it to the repair technician. For your device safety, it recommended to bring it to the nearest Apple Store in your area.

3 Ways On How To Cancel Tinder Subscription

A few years back, Tinder got at the top of the list of the most popular dating app in the world. Millions of people subscribed to this online dating service to get a match and many of them started a relationship. The problem is that the subscription method in Tinder for some ‘plus’ features do cost a lot. Some may think it’s not worth the high cost, and some may have started a serious relationship. The bottom line is both of these types looking for how to cancel Tinder subscription.

$9.99 per month for a dating app is surely rather expensive. Moreover, if you don’t enjoy much the premium features and it’s a waste to throw your money away. Or the other case, that you find your significant other and don’t need Tinder assistance anymore. That way, there are three ways to cancel your subscription on Tinder.

How To Cancel Tinder Subscription

  • Cancel via Android or Google Play Store

The first method on how to cancel Tinder subscription is if you subscribed from Android and used your Google Play account. Just open up your Play Store app on your phone and open the Account on from the menu. After clicking it, you will see the Subscriptions on the list and tap it. Then, there will be two different option, Update and Cancel, select Cancel. And lastly, you need to confirm your cancelation by choosing Yes on the pop-up message.

Aside from the Account menu, you may also search the Tinder app right away on the search bar of the Play Store. Once the app appeared, open the page and tap on Manage Subscription and then click on Cancel. You can also log in your Google Play Store Account through the PC by visiting the address and follow the earlier steps.

  • Unsubscribe from iTunes or App Store

The second way on how to cancel Tinder subscription is by using iTunes or App Store. If you would like to cancel from your iPhone or iPad, you only need to open your App Store. From there, click on your Apple ID then choose for View Apple ID, you have to sign in with your password here. Scroll through until you find your Subscriptions then select Manage. And at the Tinder, click on Unsubscribe and there should be the end date of your subscription displayed.

And just like the in Google Account, you also can unsubscribe Tinder from your PC as well. To do that you have to log in your iTunes then click on the Account menu at the menu bar. Then follow the rest just like on the prior description.

  • Get through Tinder for Web

And the last is how to cancel Tinder subscription from the web. To do that, you have to open your browser and log in to Then you will see the profile icon at the corner of the left of the screen, click that. From there, select for Manage Payment Account and click for Cancel Subscription.

Those are three ways on how to cancel Tinder subscription. Just for information, some people complained about the issue while doing the last method. Thus, if it happened to you, you can try again later. But if it persists, the last resort is to mail Tinder administrator at [email protected]. Here you have to write down your problems in details (with screenshots), and they promised to investigate.